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Last call for Top 10 lists

Friday, 25 January, 2013

The Movie Matters "Top 10 Films of 2012" podcast is being recorded this Sunday, meaning that tomorrow, Saturday 26th January, will be the final day for submissions of your Top 10 lists. If you'd like to submit a list and have it read out on the show, please post it as a comment here or on the original post from December.


Movie Matters [Mono] #1 - The Eye

Sunday, 20 January, 2013

Movie Matters [Mono]

The New Year brings with it the first in a string of single-host episodes as we launch the all-new Movie Matters [Mono] series. Intended as an enrichment opportunity for our podcast and an optional piece of extra content for you our lovely listeners, these Movie Matters [Mono] shows will feature a solo host introducing and reviewing a single film. So join Lee as he hosts the first-ever Movie Matters [Mono] instalment by meeting the haunting gaze of the Pang Brothers' THE EYE (2002).

All feedback and comments regarding the idea of Movie Matters [Mono] and this opening episode most welcome and appreciated.

The music sampled in this podcast is all from THE EYE by Orange Music.