Listener Top 10 of 2012 (collated)

Saturday, 9 February, 2013

Our recent "Top 10" episode saw a massive listener response, with audience members old and new sending us in their own personal favourite (and least favourite) titles of 2012. We've put together a collated list drawing on all listener submissions.

The rankings below represent the ten films most popular among the lists submitted by our listeners. The system used to compile the list is simply to apply a numerical count to the number of occasions a specific title is included on a list regardless of ranking.

Top 10

1. Skyfall x19
2. The Avengers x15
3. The Cabin in the Woods x13
4. Moonrise Kingdom x12
=5. Argo x9
=5. The Dark Knight Rises x9
=5. Looper x9
8. The Woman in Black x8
=9. Headhunters x7
=9. Prometheus x7
=9. Dredd x7
=9. The Raid x7

And the rest...

The Hobbit x6
21 Jump Street x6
Shame x6
Berberian Sound Studio x5
Holy Motors x5
The Hunger Games x5
Life of Pi x4
The Muppets x4
Martha Marcy May Marlene x4
The Imposter x4
Cloud Atlas x4
Silver Linings Playbook x4
Beasts of the Southern Wild x4
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia x3
Sinister x3
The Grey x3
The Master x3
The Secret World of Arrietty x3
Brave x3
Indie Game: The Movie x3
The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists x3
ParaNorman x3
Side by Side x2
Killing Them Softly x2
Cosmopolis x2
Lincoln x2
Barbara x2
Chronicle x2
Amour x2
Seven Pyschopaths x2
The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 x2
Rec3: Genesis x2
Men in Black 3 x2
Robot & Frank x2
The Lorax x2
Lockout x1
The Bourne Legacy x1
Like Crazy x1
Lawrence Of Arabia x1
Carnage x1
Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World x1
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel x1
Universal Monsters Collection x1
ET: The Extra-Terrestrial x1
Jaws x1
Tyrannosaur x1
Pocahontas x1
Cast Away x1
Beyond the Black Rainbow x1
Samsara x1
Excision x1
The Descendants x1
Marley x1
A Royal Affair x1
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher) x1
The Hunt x1
Django Unchained x1
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy x1
Father's Day x1
Into the Abyss x1
Lawless x1
Coriolanus x1
L'enfant d'en haut (Sister) x1
Gnade (Mercy) x1
The Hollow Crown: Richard II (TV) x1
The Hollow Crown: Henry IV (TV) x1
Die Wand (The Wall) x1
The Turin Horse x1
Tabu x1
Even the Rain x1
Santa Sangre (BD 2012) x1
We Are The Night (DVD 2012) x1
Bell, Book & Candle (BD 2012) x1
Margaret (DVD 2012) x1
L'Oiseau x1
Your Sister's Sister x1
Damsels In Distress x1
The Innkeepers x1
Goon x1
Perks Of Being A Wallflower x1
John Carter x1
Untouchable x1
Rust and Bone x1
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey x1
Polisse x1
West of Memphis x1
Gambit x1
Frankenweenie x1
When Santa Fell to Earth x1
The Expendables 2 x1
The Watch x1
Ted x1
Detention x1
Headshot x1
Margin Call x1
American Horror Story: Asylum x1
Due West: Our Sex Journey x1
Dangerous Liaisons (2012) x1
Naked Soldiers x1
How I Spent My Summer Vacation x1
Nightbreed: Cabal Cut (2012) x1
Sleep Tight x1
Monsters Inc. 3D (2012) x1
Danny Boyle's Olympic Opening Ceremony (2012) x1
Before Dawn x1
Killer Joe x1
Snowtown x1

Most Disappointing

Prometheus x5 (plus 1 for worst)
The Hobbit x2
The Dark Knight Rises x2
The Descendents x1
Polisse x1
Dark Shadows x1
Lawless x1
Brave x1
Looper x1
Berberian Sound Studio x1
Ted x1
Excision x1
The Cabin in the Woods x1
God Bless America x1
Ex-girlfriends x1
Maximum Conviction x1
Bachelorette x1
The Good Doctor x1
Total Recall x1
That's my boy x1
Taken 2 x1
Iron sky x1
This Means War x1
Still Undercover x1
Mortician x1
Safety Not Guaranteed x1

Worst Film

Iron Sky x1 (plus 1 for biggest disappointment)
This Means War x1 (plus 1 for biggest disappointment)
The Amazing Spider-Man x1
Goon x1
Magic Mike x1
Battleship x1
Excision x1
Rec3 x1
Cockneys vs. Zombies x1
Hostel: Part 3 x1
Top Cat x1
The Dictator x1
Resident Evil: Retribution x1
Prometheus x 1
Seven Psychopaths x1
This is 40 x1
Branded x1
The Lucky One x1
Piranha 3DD x1
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning x1
Perks of Being a Wallflower x1
Take this Waltz x1
Cosmopolis x1

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