Movie Matters [Music] Vol. 2 - The Composer's Experience

Sunday, 27 October, 2013

Movie Matters [Music]

Join Lee for the second volume of the Movie Matters [Music] podcast, the spin-off show where soaring, bombastic, introspective and timeless film scores reverberate.

Lee begins by delving into the differing circumstances composers experience when writing music for film and then serves up a selection of tracks from the soundtracks he has been enjoying. This instalment also showcases the first batch of 'listener requests' and we thank Alan, Wilson, Giles and Steini for their contributions to the broad range of film music sampled in this show.

We've deliberately omitted the track listing from this post in order to keep the film score choices a surprise. However, the curious can find full details via iTunes by clicking the "i" icon -- including information about additional music and audio clips featured in this episode. (Alternatively, send us an email and we can provide you with a full breakdown.)

As ever, we dearly want to hear from you, our lovely listeners, so please get in touch and request a track you'd like to hear on a future Movie Matters [Music] instalment. Include details of the composer, the track name, the film/soundtrack the piece is from and most importantly why you like it.

Links for reference:

Disclaimer: All music used in this podcast is for preview/evaluation purposes and we urge you to purchase the tracks you liked or better still the full motion picture scores.

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