Movie Matters #26 - Disney Princess Double Bill

Thursday, 17 July, 2014

Movie Matters Podcast

Join us for the latest instalment of the Movie Matters podcast, as co-hosts Lee Howard and Michael Mackenzie don their tiaras and step into the realms of magic and make-believe to put the two most recent Disney princess animated features -- 2011's TANGLED and 2013's FROZEN -- under the microscope. In addition to discussing these two recent CGI blockbusters, Lee and Michael also discuss their own history with the Disney studio's output as a whole -- hand-drawn and computer generated -- and delve into the mailbag to present feedback from the listeners on their own personal favourite Disney princess movies.

The show also includes our now-customary "What We've Been Watching" section, in which we trade notes on films of note that we've recently seen.

The music in this episode is sampled from ENCHANTED by Alan Menken, TANGLED by Alan Menken and FROZEN by Christophe Beck.

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