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Call for Bazzoni feedback

Wednesday, 5 August, 2015

For our next episode, we'll be returning once again to a subject dear to our hearts — Italian cult cinema, with a double bill focusing on the work of director Luigi Bazzoni: 1971's THE FIFTH CORD, his stylish giallo starring Franco Nero, and 1975's head-scratcher FOOTPRINTS (a.k.a. FOOTPRINTS ON THE MOON), starring Movie Matters favourite Florinda Bolkan. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these films, or indeed on Bazzoni's output as a whole.

If you've got something to contribute, whether in text form or an MP3, please get in touch. Either reply below the line, email or use the contact form on the web site.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Movie Matters Goes Radio Star!

Saturday, 1 August, 2015

We've recently been in conversation with an internet community radio station who are keen to add Movie Matters to their current programming.

Now, as our loyal listeners will know, producing new content on a regular basis is something we have never been able to sustain at Movie Matters HQ. For us, the podcast is a fun hobby, providing a welcome distraction from the daily toils of domestic responsibilities and work commitments. However, we invest a considerable amount of effort into preparing and publishing episodes we feel are of worth to our audience. Quality over quantity has been an ethos we're firmly embraced and the compromise in value necessary if we were to adopt a weekly release schedule is one we have strongly resisted.

Therefore, in order to explore this potentially exciting opportunity for Movie Matters, without submitting ourselves or the show to the pressures of unrealistic release deadlines, we are considering a proposal to allow our expanding back catalogue of episodes to be rebroadcast. The exact details of how this will be done and when it will start or end are still under review but for now we wanted to share this potentially exciting news with you, ask for your thoughts on the prospect of Movie Matters expanding into internet community radio and issue an important message below:

If you have ever been a guest on our show, submitted an MP3 or provided any written content via email or social networks and you strongly object to said content being rebroadcast on internet community radio. Please contact us immediately to express this opinion. Whilst we cannot promise to excise the relevant material, we may be able to adjust the version of our past episodes to be re-broadcast on this platform. If after two-weeks from the date of this post we haven't heard from you, we will be proceeding as outlined in the above post.