Movie Matters #38 - Top 10 of 2015

Sunday, 21 February, 2016

Movie Matters Podcast

The dust has now settled on another year in film, the Oscars are imminent and in our unashamedly delayed fashion we bring you our first Movie Matters recording of the New Year, dedicated to our subjective perspectives on the films of 2015. Between us, we've watched and rewatched a range of 2015 UK releases and made the difficult decisions necessary to whittle them down to our personal Top 10 movies of the year.

In addition to our Top 10s, we also try to squeeze in mentions of our most pleasant surprises, our biggest disappointments, our worst films of the year and name-check those films which narrowly missed out on our respective Top 10s that we deem worthy of an honourable mention. Plus, we highlight a number of hotly-anticipated 2016 films in our watchlists for the coming year.

We would like to once again thank our loyal and esteemed listeners, many of whom answered our call and kindly submitted their own text and audio lists this year. It is our pleasure to feature them all on this show and, as has become our custom, a collated listener's list – adding all the votes together – will be published on the Movie Matters website and the Movie Matters LetterBoxd account in the coming days. Thank you all for being part of our continued, shared celebration and appreciation of cinema.

So here we are, twelve short months since the last time, and we ask you once again to get yourselves comfy, settle in for the long-haul and let us be your guides as we share our many delights, a few despairs and possibly even an isolated diatribe as we discuss, in-depth, the year in film that was 2015.

The music in this episode is sampled from a selection of films eligible for inclusion in our Top 10 lists. We'll keep the identities of the tracks a mystery, but why not try and guess the films as these musical cues appear throughout the show?

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