Movie Matters [Music] Vol. 6 - Scores of Horror

Sunday, 27 November, 2016

Movie Matters [Music]

Welcome to a long lost instalment of Movie Matters [Music]: our spin-off series where soaring, bombastic, introspective and timeless film scores reverberate. Originally recorded for Halloween (circa 2014), join Lee and Michael for an all-horror themed sixth volume in which we listen to and discuss a beastly bounty of horror scores from films featuring serial killers, vampires, agents of the supernatural, Satan himself and even a razor-wielding chimp!

We thank listener and devourer of film music (horror or otherwise), Giles Edwards for his two featured track requests.

As is our custom, we've deliberately omitted the track listing from this post in an attempt to keep the soundtrack choices a surprise. On that note, beware of reading the "links for reference" below if you do not wish to see any potential spoilers.

However, for those curious we recommend you visit our Movie Matters [Music] Discography list on LetterBoxd, which essentially keeps track of all the film scores we've discussed to date.

Remember, we'd love for you to get in touch – – and let us know your thoughts on this episode/the film music we featured. Moreover, why not request a track you'd like to hear on a future Movie Matters [Music] instalment? Please include details of the composer, the track name, the film/soundtrack the piece is from and most importantly why you like it.

We hope, like us, you feel there's always occasion to listen to horror scores no matter the time of year and that you welcome this salvaged episode as a belated Halloween treat or an early Christmas gift from us to you. Thanks for listening!

Links for reference:

Disclaimer: All music used in this podcast is for preview/evaluation purposes and we urge you to purchase the tracks you liked or better still the full motion picture scores.

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