Movie Matters #43: Top 10 of 2016 - Part One

Sunday, 5 March, 2017

Movie Matters Podcast

The 2017 film awards season has now been and gone, and whether you enjoyed the glitz and glamour or despaired at the lack of representation of your personal favourite movies of the year, Movie Matters belatedly kicks off another year of film appreciation and discussion with Part One of a two-part special celebrating our take on the past year in cinema.

In Part one, co-hosts Lee Howard and Michael Mackenzie count down numbers 10 to 5 of their Top 10 favourite films of 2016 lists. We also share two batches of listener lists, featuring MP3s from Lapsed Gamer Radio's Cevin Moore and Dan Sardella of Focus on Film. This first instalment of our annual year in review epic closes with us highlighting some of our biggest disappointments and most pleasant surprises.

Stay tuned for Part Two, where we reveal our Top 4 through 1 films, more listener lists, a 2017 preview and more...

Note: During this episode Lee refers to a beloved childhood animated movie as "Animal Olympics". Contrary to his admittedly hazy memory, this was NOT a Disney film but a 1980 Warner Bros. movie called ANIMALYMPICS.

The music in this episode is sampled from a selection of films eligible for inclusion in our Top 10 lists. We'll keep the identities of the tracks a mystery, but why not try and guess the films as these musical cues appear throughout the show?

We would like to once again thank our loyal and esteemed listeners, many of whom answered our call and kindly submitted their own text and audio lists this year. Don't worry if you don't hear your list on Part One. Rest assured it will be included on the forthcoming Part Two.

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