What is Movie Matters?

We're a film appreciation and discussion podcast covering titles from a wide range of genres, topics and periods. We began the show in 2010 and have been going strong ever since, though our at times sporadic schedule has earned us the nickname "the Terrence Malick of podcasts"... which, naturally, we consider a compliment.

We cover both mainstream and genre cinema, and have also been known, on occasions, to swap the big screen for the small and feature discussions of notable TV shows. Whatever the subject, however, we aim to go beyond the surface, choosing the films we're truly passionate about and always promoting our firm belief that "movies matter".

Who are we?

Movie Matters is a joint venture by Lee Howard, who has broadcast from many patches of England before settling with his family in Warwickshire, and Michael Mackenzie, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Despite never having been in the same room as one another, the pair have been firm friends for many years now, dating back to the days of the sadly defunct "Dark Dreams" Dario Argento discussion board. Michael tends to lead on the technical aspects of the show, including the lion's share of the editing as well as designing and maintaining the web site, while Lee acts more as an "ideas man" and meticulous show planner/researcher -- well, if leading on maintaining our social media presence hasn't driven him to distraction.

From time to time, we also invite guest hosts on to discuss subjects with which they have a particular affinity. Past contributors have included Daniel Sardella, Sandy "The Gialli Fan" Richardson, Rich Birkett and Jake Del Toro.

Our shows

Movie Matters Podcast

Movie Matters Podcast, our main show. Typically, each episode covers two (and occasionally more) films linked by a common theme, star or director.

Movie Matters [Mini]

Movie Matters [Mini], comprised of shorter, less structured discussions, usually on a single film or TV series.

Movie Matters [Mono]

Movie Matters [Mono], a series of single-host episodes, each focusing on a single film.

Movie Matters [Music]

Movie Matters [Music], dedicated to the appreciation of film music and the craft of composition.

We also produce various seasonal specials, including our Halloween and Christmas shows and our marathon-length end-of-year extravaganzas.


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Contact us

If you'd like to ask us a question, leave us feedback, suggest a film for us to cover or anything else that takes you fancy, feel free to get in touch using the various social media links above. Alternatively, you can use the form below.