Other podcasts we like

Although we both have lives to lead and the Movie Matters Podcast takes a lot of time to prepare, record and edit, somehow we still manage to find time to listen to other podcasts. Here are some of the shows we currently subscribe to.

  • Giallo Ciao Ciao
    To the best of our knowledge the only podcast dedicated exclusively to gialli, Giallo Ciao Ciao is a unique and entertaining show with its own distinctive brand of humour and a great rapport between the various participants.
  • The Hysteria Continues
    A podcast dedicated to the most reviled of horror subgenres -- the slasher movie, from the people behind Hysteria Lives! and The Bodycount Continues. Reviews, retrospectives and more!
  • Media Meltdown Podcast Network
    With a diverse array of different shows to suit all tastes and interests, Media Meltdown is something of a behemoth among podcasts. Whether you're interested in superhero comics or the latest Criterion Collection Blu-ray releases, you'll find something to enjoy here. Media Meltdown's own Daniel Sardella has been a frequent guest on Movie Matters.
  • Q Branch
    Dedicated to all things James Bond, new episodes of Q Branch are infrequent but invariably worth the wait. Hosts Jake Del Toro and David Leigh bring their considerable knowledge to bear on everything from the Ian Fleming novels to the blockbuster films, and everything in between.
  • The Renaissance Men Podcast
    The Renaissance Men, producing podcasts of questionable content since 2014. Gaming? Check. Wrestling? Check. Film? Check. Dusty Rhodes impersonations? Oh Yeah Daddy! Home to Stuart Garrard, one of our long term listeners.

Friends of Movie Matters

Some of the people who've helped us out, sent in feedback, joined us on the show or are just all round stand-up people.

  • Daniel Sardella
    In addition to being one of the driving forces behind Media Meltdown's Focus on Film podcast, Dan has also appeared as a guest host on a number of Movie Matters episodes, most notably our annual Halloween specials.
  • Erik Hundland
    Erik has been a listener to the show since the very first episode and one of our most prolific, not to mention insightful, correspondents. Check out his treasure trove of Blu-ray screen captures.
  • Farah Joan Fard
    Farah is a writer and performer with a wide range of publications to her name... not least of which have been contributions to the Movie Matters Podcast! Be sure to check out her excellent blog, covering a range of topics from the everyday to the outré.
  • Leonard Jacobs
    Leonard has been in communication with us for a while now, and we've been promising to have him on the show for a guest spot for as long as we can remember. His Krimi in the Pocket, Giallo on the Brain blog is a fascinating treasure trove of insightful analysis.
  • Richard Wells
    The talent Richard Wells designed the awesome logos you see on this web site and has worked extensively as a graphic designer in film and television.